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Kratom Liquid Extract 215mg


Kratom Liquid Extract 215mg

Club13 is now offering our premium

 in a liquid Kratom extract in a compact 10 ml bottle.

Caution: This product is for experienced kratom fans. This liquid extract contains mitragynine in an alkaloid liquid suspension.

  • Long Lasting: Each one is guaranteed to provide you with instant and long-lasting effects without caffeine or other additives to sustain your boost and improve your mood and motivation.
  • Quality Kratom:  Our infused Kratom liquid extracts are a premium blend of our most potent  strains. These liquid extracts are of top-shelf quality.
  • Extra Strength: Our Kratom liquid extract is much more potent and faster acting than capsules  or Kratom Powder
  • Convenient: Each bottle contains 10mL of liquid extract, perfect for people on the go.

The newest and most potent Club13 liquid extract is here! With a whopping 215mg of pure mit in a compact 10ml bottle, this liquid extract is designed for the most experienced kratom advocates. Find out why people everywhere are switching to the Club13 215, and experience the gold standard.

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