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Our company, the pride and joy of our family for three generations, has established itself as a fragrance & cosmetics staple since 1985. Over the
course of our history, we've strived to give our customers the best product possible - from our elegant pour Femme fragrances to our organic & classy
hand sanitizer sprays. Utilizing our 100,000 square-feet top-notch manufacturing facility, we ensure our products are handled with care and strictly adhere to the GMP guidelines.

Dr. Ella was born through our love and concern for our customers as a result of this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Let us provide comfort and safety, the Dr. Ella way!



As a company that has been in the family for three generations, we operate with love and care for each other, our employees and our consumers.
Our success is driven by high quality products and functional formulas developed by our expert chemists. Over the last 35 years, our growth is a direct result of creating products that are clean and safe to use on our own family and children.  Additionally, our happy and repeat customers have helped grow our brand to thousand stores worldwide, and featured on the ShopHQ home shopping network with positive feedback. 

 We promise to continue developing products of the highest quality and commit ourselves to going the extra mile!


As the world is faced with a multitude of health and safety concerns due to the pandemic, we immediately took initiative to help make our surroundings just a little less stressful.

We are proud to introduce our brand new line of effective, great smelling and aesthetically pleasing hand sanitizer spray - Dr. Ella. We've infused it with  essential oils not just for that fresh & clean smell, but for the soothing and relaxing effect it projects. In addition, it also moisturizes skin instead of leaving it cracked and dry like most cleaning products. The best of both worlds, our spray can be applied as a surface sanitizer as well! On top of that, we pride ourselves on utilizing top-notch ingredients, not to mention our products are completely cruelty-free and organic.

Our customers have already fallen in love - and we intend on always being here for them.

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