Nature's Healer CBD Pet Treats 100mg(5mg/20ct) | Nature's Healer CBD Pet Treats 100mg(5mg/20ct) |

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Nature's Healer CBD Pet Treats 100mg(5mg/20ct)


Some of the most common problems that older pets experience are anxiety and joint pain. Nature’s Healer has come to the rescue by offering a line of tasty pet treats so your furry friend can feel natural relief just like you! Available in a hip & joint pain variety as well as a calming option and yummy flavors like bacon, banana, peanut butter or carrot, your pet is going to love these 100mg CBD pet treats from Nature’s Healer.

The ingredients for these pet treats are listed below:

  • Hemp extract - CBD
  • Brown rice flour - stone ground flour from whole grain brown rice
  • Coconut flour - flour made from dried coconut meat
  • Organic peanut butter - for the natural peanut butter flavoring
  • Ground carrots - for the carrot flavoring
  • Bacon - for the bacon flavoring
  • Bananas - for the banana flavoring
  • Molasses - thick dark syrup generally used as a sweetener
  • Honey - thick golden liquid made from bees also used as a common sweetener
  • Coconut flakes - larger version of shredded coconut
  • Coconut sugar - natural sugar made from sugar palm sap
  • Cinnamon - a common spice used as flavoring additive
  • Citric acid - a sharp-tasting crystalline acid present in some fruits
  • Organic coconut oil - oil pressed from coconut meat
  • Glucosamine - an amino sugar


A fabulous option for both cats and dogs alike, Nature’s Healer Per Hot Spot is an all-natural spray formula great for targeting specific areas on your pet’s body. But don’t worry, there are no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients that are going to be harmful to your furry friend. Just a whole bunch of nature’s goodness packed into one little bottle with 250mg CBD. Utilizing only the highest quality hemp seed and MCT oil and other natural ingredients, this product is the perfect way to soothe irritated skin at the source.

The main ingredients for Nature’s Healer Pet Hot Spot are listed below:

  • Hemp seed oil - the oil from pressed hemp seeds
  • Fractionated coconut oil - made by separating the different kinds of fats in the coconut oil 
  • Red grapefruit oil - citrus oil which is cold-pressed extracted from the grapefruit
  • Hemp CBD extract oil - hemp oil containing CBD
  • Lidocaine - a common topical anesthetic 
Flavor: Banana(Stress & Anxiety Relief)
Flavor: Banana(Stress & Anxiety Relief)

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