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Ripple POWER-peppermint aroma


Ripple POWER-peppermint aroma

Formulated to give you a fresh, minty and breezy touch to leave you feeling untouchable. We're presenting 1,000 puffs of a peppermint aroma that can't be topped. Infused with plant extracts of ginseng root & ginkgo biloba

zero nicotine

  •  1,000 puffs

aromatherapy is in session

Elevate your ripple⁺ experience and create a scented atmosphere with The RipTipTM. Your ripple⁺ device is your aromatherapy partner and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own pocket.

  • peppermint aroma

    Focuses energy, improves vitality

  • + ginseng

    Fights tiredness, boosts energy

  • + ginkgo biloba

    Supports brain function

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